Yala Safaris operates a model Safari farm in Ntungu village in Isingiro district in the South western corner of Uganda (about 50 km from Mbarara). At Ntungu farm tourists can spend quality time in the community to gain a deep understanding of the traditional farming practices of Uganda. We believe in the need for cross pollination between Ugandan small scale farm holders and the visitors well versed in advanced mechanized approaches to Agriculture. The traditional methods which are more of a hobby tend to be more rewarding and refreshing due to their personal contact with the subject of interest which includes;

  • Horticulture which involves the farming of passion fruits, pineapples, oranges tomatoes and onions.

  • Apiary the keeping of bees and extraction of honey

  • Plantation Agriculture our main plantation crop is mainly bananas, although we have a growing forestry engagement.

  • Food processing will involve butter making , wine making and juice extraction.

  • Fish farming fish farming is very engaging but rewarding

  • Animal husbandry there is an opportunity to take care of cattle including providing fodder, and milking in the traditional way. You will have the opportunity to engage in the community folklore as is common in cattle keeping communities including singing songs by the bonfires and poetry extempore recitations.  This where the exchange takes place as people get free,

This farm is designed to introduce you to the basic Ugandan farming practices; Uganda is an agricultural based economy, although much of the agriculture we engage in is for subsistence. Ntungu Safari farm is the first of its kind, specifically dedicated to serve as a cultural exchange centre between tourists and the host community.


The fruit farm is truly engaging providing opportunities; to participate in weeding, pruning, staking and harvesting which is the best part. Harvesting opens up opportunities in enjoying fruit, and juice extraction.


Our Apiary department is our greatest pride; as the visitor have opportunity to overcome his/her fear in harvesting honey from the fiercely defensive honey bees. The honey in this part of the country is reputed to be the sweetest in the world and as harvester you will have the opportunity to prove it and laws and country source laws permitting to take some back home.


Ntungu farm is located in the food basket region of Uganda (most of the food in Uganda comes from here), the staple food crop of Uganda is Bananas (Matooke) which creates a food with a hard to describe taste and yet it is the favorite of many people in Uganda. The visitor will learn the delicate art peeling and the secrets of cooking matooke in green banana leaves. This matooke food will accompanied by the favourite stews of the local community to accompany


In this department we try to make the best our produce including juice extraction from the pine apples and fruits, making banana juice and wine, making passion fruit juice, orange juice and associated jam and marmalade. This department stands to benefit greatly from the cross pollination of the visitor to Uganda. Indeed we look forward to the modernization and mechanization of our farm process to benefit the greater community.


Fish farming is a great possibility in this part of the country, once we are up and running this activity will be the most relaxing as fish are very engaging. The fish will be part of the menu that the visitor will enjoy and the visitor will participate in fishing cleaning and cooking/roasting or frying.


Ntungu farm has some cows which provide the milk for the farm residents. Visitors have the opportunity to participate in milking activities and caring for the other farm animals which include some goats and sheep, piggery and some poultry. These engaging farm activities and the mountainous terrain of this region provide excellent alternative exercise from jogging and hiking.


Jogging and Hiking in the quite community in the hilly Isingiro ridges provides a lot of valuable time for relaxation and reflection on how to live a better life. Away from the disturbance of regular work Ntungu farm provides a unique productive holiday for the visitor who would like participate in the social transformation of community, as one comes face to face with the challenges of living in Africa, were the advantages of modernization have not yet touched and vice versa places were the human foot print of pollution is not yet so severe.

A transect walk is a study walk within the community where one chooses a fixed direction of a determined distance to study the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) along that path. Ntungu farm located in a community that is struggling with land pressure but even this cannot be compared to places to successful places like Denmark where success been achieved through intensive agriculture by deploying highly scientific methods. We hope that by the end of a transect walk minds are opened to deliver life changing solutions imagined and real.

The Ntungu farm community has high hopes in learning new agricultural skills from overseas to hasten modernization. This type of Agro and cultural tourism is the best opportunity to foster national and social transformation through people to people encounters for knowledge and skill transfer. As the Chinese saying goes, what I see I forget, what I hear I remember, what I do, I know.

So you are most welcome to Ntungu Tourist farm.

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